Deodorant for sensitive armpits

Elena has kids with sensitive skin, and she couldn't find a good deodorant for sensitive skin ... until she found Freshstick, our gender neutral deodorant. She wrote the most comprehensive review below with all the details. She included how long our deodorant for very sensitive skin lasts, and comments about our compostable deodorant tube.

If you are looking for strong deodorant for sensitive skin - read up!

"I love almost everything about this deodorant! For starters I was searching for something for one of my daughters because she has even more sensitive skin than I do under one of her arms, (yes just one) and nothing up to this point has worked for her. Took a few tries of brands to get mine not to break out itchy as all get up, but none worked for her with that one dang armpit! Until I found in one of my natural mom groups a reference to this... so naturally never hearing of it before I searched and placed an order to try. HOLY MOLY not only did it smell lovely, not to overpowering, it was smooth and creamy to apply, nothing abrasive, and it WORKED on my both mine and my sensitive kids arm in addition, it handled my VERY smelly teen boys. It's also great for keeping my F/G sized chest girls from getting stank nasty. :)

Now it does not stop the sweat, but the smell, I have to say it 100% blocks better than any other natural aluminum free deodorant I have tried... and I have tried many.

My only ... MEH (shrugs) about it is the applicator. I absolutely love the cardboard vs. plastic but it is somewhat difficult to keep your finger firmly pushed in when applying... at least for me. So when I go to apply I have to push it all the way up and put the death grip on the bottom of the applicator squeezing the tube base together as hard as I can to keep it from pushing back down while I apply. Everything else is absolutely lovely about this product!

You'd think how creamy and smooth it is to apply a nice coat that it would run out quickly, but it's 2 months later and I still have a substantial amount left and I use it daily, sometimes a few times a day depending on if im doing work on the homestead or just running errands. I loved the product so much that I am trying some of their other products next." - Elena

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