Sustainable packaging skincare update

I polled you all last fall when choosing paper versus plastic for our new natural deodorant stick. 

I wasn’t expecting the results: the majority (75%) wanted plastic and 25% wanted paper. I was fine with that because the price was better and the containers were heavier.

And then.

I told the results to my daughter, and that nine-year-old looked me square in the eye and told me if I chose plastic she wouldn’t use my deodorant that actually works. Paper was the right choice for the planet. Sustainable skincare packaging was a must.


I knew in my heart she was right. I couldn’t contribute to the landfill crisis, even if I lost potential sales. After more research, I found biodegradable paper tubes that cost LESS than plastic.

That settled it. Bedrock’s deodorant was going in environmentally friendly skincare packaging.

When you try it, I hope you get a summer flashback of pushing up an orange cream pop.

Are you good with paper not plastic? Fingers crossed you’re on board.

Making hard choices,


P.S. Our eco friendly skincare packaging labels are at the printer - SO CLOSE.

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