Eyeshadow primer for oily lids

As if Porefector already didn't do enough (it's a zinc pimple cream, blackhead and pore minimizer, ingrown hair cream, and pore care) it can do another thing!

Porefector is AWESOME as an eyeshadow primer for oily lids

Porefector is the best eye primer for oily lids because it's zinc based. Zinc oxide is whisking away oils so that your make-up can stay matte, long and strong.

Directions to use Porefector as an eye primer for oily lids: wipe your finger with Porefector. It will have a slightly white hue from the zinc oxide. Swipe and apply to your eyelid before applying make-up.

Pro tip: want to skip a creamy off-white eye shadow base? Ditch eye shadow. Use Porefector instead as your actual base off-white color for the top of your lids.

Porefector works as an eye base cream, eyeshadow base for oily lids and eyeshadow primer for hooded eyes. You'll see that that matte finish absorbs oils so that your make-up can pop.

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