Face lotion that helps with redness

Exciting news for Bedrock Balm power users: our face lotion that helps with redness now has a bigger size. We're calling it BIG BALM! Yay.

It’s $40 for double the size with a wide-mouth jar opening. Buy our redness neutralizing correcting cream here.

A couple quick summer suggestions:

  • Rosacea flares? Bites, bumps or too much sun on your face? Try our natural rosacea skincare, the best face cream for rosacea.
  • Acne-prone skin? Ingrowns or hair bumps? Try our hair bump cream.
  • Chub rub or skin folds? Use Freshstick, deodorant for all body parts to soothe skin and add barrier protection. It's the best deodorant for skin folds.

Kari, thanks for these good tips too: “I am never going to be without Bedrock Balm again. It works like MAGIC on dry itchy raw flaky patches I get on my face as well as the scratches I get from hiking with my dogs, twigs, branches & bug bites. I use it daily on my whole face and it has really tamed any redness and healed a lot of chronic problem areas. My skin truly FEELS better and LOOKS better. Doesn't clog pores (and I'm prone to breakouts) or look greasy even when used liberally and I have had no problems layering it under my makeup - this has been tested in +30C heat! If you can't tell by now I LOVE THIS STUFF.”

Bedrock Balm works like a great barrier relief serum, deeply hydrating stressed skin and delivering calming plant extracts to your skin. Learn more about our anti redness skincare here.