Fired without notice 💔

Great news.

We just canned our bubble wrap mailers.

After they deliver our Bedrock products, they become lazy, good for nothing trash. They float around landfills, wreak havoc and make a ruckus. We got tired of it.

It’s over. No performance plan. No severance. Done.

We’re excited to introduce our paper padded mailers. These mailers are made from two layers of patented cushioning -- a pillow of paper of sorts -- and then sandwiched between four layers of recycled kraft paper. The result is an eco-friendly cushioned mailer we’re proud to employ.

These mailers cost more, but like all valuable team members, they’re worth it.

Earth day every day,


P.S. Directions for your Bedrock mailer - put in the recycle bin with your paper (not your trash bin).

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