Founder story | I found my voice in the laundry room

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I quit corporate America after my son was born to stay home for a while.

In the midst of this, I got a compulsion to write. FOR NO REASON. It was weird.

I was perplexed.

What would I write? LinkedIn marketing briefs? Project management tips? I would brainstorm fake headlines around my expertise and cringe. Boring. I couldn’t crack it, but the urge to write wouldn’t go away.

Then one day, during an exceptionally average day in the laundry room, a headline hit me: why my kid can outsell your sales rep. It was a business article that explained how kids are so persuasive they can out-negotiate ANY ivy-league MBA. Kids use masterminded tactics to work us over for candy, to stay up late and get extra shows. We can learn a thing or two from their tricks to successfully negotiate our jobs and sales too.

I wrote that article in minutes and it lit me up like a Christmas tree. That day my voice was born.

Did I do anything with it? Nope. I wrote another five articles and did nothing with them, ever.

Until now. That voice I discovered in the laundry room blossomed into Bedrock, with the best barrier cream for sensitive skin.

I used that voice to write the website and every email to you since. I had no idea that honing a crazy impulse would turn into my dream gig.

Bottom line? Listen to those crazy ideas. Let them fester inside of you.

COVID-19 has cleared our weekend calendars, and you might have time to start something new.

Go do it! You’ll never guess where it could take you.

Behold the little voice,


P.S. The Bedrock zinc oxide deodorant is on pause, but don’t worry - the bill is paid. It’s happening.