Founder story | My favorite bad review

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Bad reviews are rare, so when they happen, I pay attention.

Britt reviewed Porefector, our pore minimizer cream and wrote: 

“I want to love this! I really do! It does not agree with my skin or maybe I’m not using it correctly? It made me breakout so I stopped using it. I bought it to help my large pores and I used it for a good month. It also made my face itch. Maybe someone has some recommendations. I love the owner and really don’t want to give it up!” 

Hold on. 


I’m the owner, so she meant me. Any negative feelings after reading this disappeared. I was immediately filled with a mutual fond affection towards Britt and replied.

I emailed Britt three things: I was mad at Porefector for letting her down. I issued her a full refund without being asked. I told her to keep using it for it for ingrown hairs. I asked if we could stay friends because I am developing more products and they might work great even though this one didn’t.

So why share my negative press? 

I’m not afraid to tell you that Bedrock won’t 100% of the time. People aren’t perfect, and neither are products. There will be rare times that Bedrock won’t get you the result that you wanted. And if you get the short stick, I’ll take care of you. Stay with the B-Team because something else might work for you and you can still use that product for other stuff (like Britt can use Porefector for an ingrown hair cream or for bikini line razor bumps).

From the owner,


P.S. - I’ll leave you on a happy note. Jocelyn wrote: “For years I struggled trying to find a spot treatment that would actually work. After spending so much $$$ on products that did absolutely nothing for my acne, I decided to buy Porefector. I didn’t know what to expect but it seriously is the best thing I could have bought. I wake up with less inflamed acne. In about 2-3 days, my pimple will be pretty much gone! I also love putting in on before I apply makeup because then my makeup base looks flawless and my pores are pretty much nonexistent at that point. In conclusion, you need this in your life.”