Founder story | My secret to a happy marriage

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Starting a new business or passion project can be tough. Spouses might take a while to get on board, and those start-up costs can cause a strain. That’s why I’m always looking for an angle.

For instance, let’s say you need a bunch of money to make the best natural deodorant without baking soda.

Say it’s risky and you have no idea if people will buy it or what the return will be.

Then your husband says he wants to fly to Munich with the guys for Oktoberfest, do a stop in Switzerland and a hop to Liechtenstein.


Recognize the opportunity. Go forth and do not hesitate.

Since you already know this is a true story, you should know I was SO gracious. I told my husband, go abroad, drink that beer, wander in the Alps. I’ll stay behind, care for the children, and manufacture Bedrock deodorant.

It was the easiest marital negotiation we’ve ever done.

Take it from me: dreams don’t have to destroy relationships. Use your levers. Listen hard.

There is always a win-win, always.

Love takes all,


P.S. Who needs couples counseling if you have me? Bam.

P.P.S. This is me and my husband the weekend Bedrock was born.