Freshstick is back! 2 for $22.50 sale

Freshstick is back with a flash sale: 2 for $22.50 for 2 days only!

Our favorite things about Freshstick are:

  • It does all the normal deodorant stuff PLUS calm razor burn, ingrowns and redness

  • You can use it on more than underarms - like thigh chafe, stinky feet or under breast sweat

  • It’s great for kids and gentle for sensitive skin

Caitlin said: “I’ve tried Ursa Major, Agent Nateur, and Marlin+Goetz deodorant - but Freshstick is far superior.”

Aline said: "This is the best natural deodorant I’ve ever used. Lasts all day and doesn't rub off on my clothes."

Ann B said: “Having tried every natural deodorant and finding that they either cause a rash or wear off after a few hours, I wasn’t expecting much. Was I ever surprised. I love this deodorant. It lasts all day and doesn’t irritate my highly reactive skin. I like the mild scent and appreciate the plastic-free packaging.”

Steve said: “COVID has made me lazy on a hygiene regime, but Freshstick has me covered. Like how it goes on with a color so you can see where it has been applied.”

Go get 2 for $22.50 so you can keep one and share with someone special (or stinky).

Smellin’ good,


P.S. No code needed for the 2-fer sale. Expires 4/1/21 @ Noon PST.