Gentle deodorant back in 2024

This is NOT the Bedrock birthday update I wanted to write.

Before shipping me the latest Freshstick batch, my lab alerted me that something was wrong. Every all body deodorant had leaked and seeped through the paper tube.

I had them send it all anyway, thinking I could salvage it all with new paper tubes. 


I spent a beautiful fall weekend pushing out 700 zinc deodorant tubes into the trash. So grateful these are zero waste compostable deodorant tubes!

I found the deodorant crumbling in my hands and knew it wasn’t a storage temperature issue - an ingredient or something did not bind.

Sure enough, the lab confirmed later that it was a compounding error and they will redo the batch.

That puts us out of our calming skincare set and our gentle deodorant until 2024.

If you are in a season of set back, I can relate!

Dig your heels in and as Freshstick would do, keep pushing.





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