Good skin hacks

You sure made the best of summer.

Here’s the best beauty hacks for skin from you smarties:

Scraped skin from Deanna: I scraped my forearms climbing on some very sharp rock. They were both torn with cuts and scrapes, so I decided to put Bedrock Balm on one arm and not the other. After two nights I cannot believe the difference! The arm with the Balm has healed so much more.

Cracked feet from Kayla: I have tried every lotion, oil, scrub, mask and bandaid to try and help my cracked feet. NOTHING worked. The day Bedrock arrived, I had a deep slit on the pad of my big toe and could barely walk. I figured it couldn’t hurt to cover it with Bedrock Balm and wear a sock overnight. I woke up the next morning the redness was gone and it was already getting visibly smaller and healing. 

Sunburn from Michelle: Within a few days of receiving Bedrock, my sister in law came to visit me in the islands and ended up with a horrific sunburn. She tried cooling creams and aloe and neither of them touched the pain. Then I remembered Bedrock Balm. She spread it on her blistered, peeling skin and within 30 minutes felt relief. She used it over the next few days and it worked like a dream. Zero pain and a quick heal from then on.

Heat rash from Sara: I get heat rashes in this crazy Arizona sun and heat. I applied Bedrock Balm and within a night it cleared my heat rash!

The 9 to 5 from Rachel: I work in healthcare and Bedrock has significantly helped with face mask irritation.

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Summer til the last drop,