Healthy deodorant that works | zinc oxide deodorant

Christina put our zinc oxide deodorant to the ultimate test: she wore it while camping in the hottest month of summer.

Check out how Freshstick, our non aluminium deodorant worked for her:

She said: "I have been aware of the dangerous toxins in most deodorants for about 15 years but could never find one that worked effectively to neutralize odor. This is the first clean deodorant I have found which really works. I just spent five days camping with no access to showers and was BO free the whole time which is a testimony to how incredibly effective Freshstick is. The plastic-free packaging is icing on the cake. I finally feel like I found the best deodorant for me. Thank you for making such a clean, effective, and wonderful product."

Looking for a green deodorant that actually works and that soothes sensitive skin? Try Freshstick, our best deodorant for irritated underarms.

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