Name our natural deodorant without baking soda

Please interfere in my family's disagreement.

A particular family member, that shall go unnamed, doesn’t like the word deodorant. They think it stinks. They don’t want to wake up and look at that word every morning. They’d prefer something more inspirational.

The other family member is firmly attached to the word deodorant. They think the product would BOMB if the word D-E-O-D-O-R-A-N-T wasn’t spelled out explicitly on the container.

The anti-deodorant-word person wants the un-deodorant to do more things than work on armpits, like tackle chafing and calm other cracks that need to be dry and fresh. 

Please solve our family dilemma.

Email with:

YES - For the love, use the word deodorant because that’s what it is.

NO - I don’t like the word deodorant either. Get crazy and call it something else.

I’ll tally the votes and keep you posted as we name our non aluminum deodorant.

Need you always,


P.S. I’m here to help any of your family disputes too.