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Our adorable Bedrock Balm sticks and Freshsticks make fun stocking stuffers.

Here are some recent skincare tips from the b-team:

Elena said - “HOLY MOLY not only did Freshstick smell lovely, not too overpowering, it was smooth and creamy to apply, nothing abrasive, and it WORKED on both my sensitive kids arms in addition, it handled my VERY smelly teen boys. Now it does not stop the sweat, but the smell.”

Julie said - “For the disabled and chronically ill. Freshstick replaced another product I used to keep my triple D's dry and rash-free. Over the summer I became ill and bathing became a sketchy thing that happened only when I was really needing it. In the past, I could only skip one shower before I'd get rashy in certain areas. I found out that I can go roughly five days without a shower while using Freshstick and not get rashy.”

T said - “My “mask-ne” is GONE. I’ve been fighting with this for over three years now. Being a nurse and having to wear a mask 😷 for pretty much 18 hours a day. When in the Operating Room there was always something pimply wanting to pop out! I’ve been putting the Balm on before I go to work and mask up and POOF! No more pesky pimples popping up ❤️”

Jess - “I developed brown splotches under my boobs and just above my solarplexus. I put a bunch of over-the-counter chemical stuff on my skin. It didn't really work, so I resigned myself to a life of bummer blemishes. I received Porefector from a friend and applied it over a couple of weeks. And it's GONE. BUH BYE. SEE YA. So, I'm buying more, and bigger. Also - I gave Porefector to my 95 year old grandpa for a painful zit on his nose, and it fixed him up in three days.”

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Bedrock your family,


P.S. Dry winter skin? Stephanie said, “I’m using the Balm on my knuckles since they tend to dry out and crack in the winter. The Balm stays on and makes a difference overnight. I also use it on my dry elbows that were itching like crazy - the itching is gone and dryness is going away. Now I have started to use this on my C section incision to help it heal too.”

P.P.S. The Bedrock Holiday Sale expires December 10th. Shop away!


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