How to calm rosacea

Michelle has dealt with rosacea for over ten years and then heard about our rosacea ointment.

She wrote: "I've struggled with rosacea for over a decade. I came to Bedrock Balm after someone mentioned it on an online rosacea forum (reddit). I started with the sample pack (which I rarely bother to buy).

It took a few days for me to see results (reduced redness, reduced pain) and now for the first time in years my skin doesn't hurt. I'm using it twice a day and my cheeks are so pleased. In addition to reduced redness, the roughness also went down.

I wish I'd taken before and after photos, but to be honest I wasn't expecting it to work so I didn't bother.

Bedrock has been truly amazing for me - and no one is paying me to say this. If you struggle with rosacea I wholeheartedly encourage this product." - Michelle

If you need to know how to calm rosacea, try our skincare sampler for only $5 and see what our rosacea cream can do.