How to get rid of blackheads in your ear

Need to know how to get a black head out of your ear? You are at the right place. Our mineral barrier cream helps oily ears with blackheads. We also share how to get blackheads out of children's ears!

Marisa wrote: "My daughter wears hearing aids and between the pressure of the ear piece and the natural oil in her ears she gets blackheads and pimples in her ears. Bedrock balm has helped SO much. It drys out the blackheads and we are literally able to wipe them away. We put Bedrock on the part of her ear that that mold touches every night and then wipe clean in the morning. It has helped with blackheads that she has had for months and nothing else would get rid of them. We are so thankful to have found Bedrock."

I emailed Marisa back, thanking her for sharing her tip on how to get deep blackheads out of ear.

She wrote: "Thank you for the follow up email. The Balm is amazing! We are so thankful it has helped her ears so much. We even saw a dermatologist and their only solution was to remove the blackheads with their tools which can be painful so we held out. The Balm was life changing for us. My daughter no longer gets painful pimples and/or blackheads that won't go away. We can manage it now and that means everything so thank you."

To get rid of ear blackheads, use Bedrock Balm every night before bed. Want to know how to get deep blackheads out of ear? Same thing - use Bedrock Balm every night, just a small little dab will do the trick.