How to help perioral dermatitis  

For those of you with perioral dermatitis on face or perioral dermatitis redness around nose, you will want our best cream for perioral dermatitis.

We're so thankful that Barbarann was willing to share her story and pictures so you can see her perioral dermatitis before and after.

"I just received your cream for perioral dermatitis Bedrock Balm today. I saw you on the local news because you're providing the Balm to first responders with mask related skin irritation. I have a condition called perioral dermatitis. The list of conditions that the balm helps does not mention perioral dermatitis but I am desperate to try anything.
I am almost 42 years old now with no cure in sight. I thought I would suffer forever. It bleeds .. it weeps, it cracks. It feels like a really bad sunburn and like somebody took sandpaper to my skin.
I would not leave the house without full face makeup, and bring the makeup with me in case the sores opened up and I needed a touch up. I have to be so careful about products; makeup and self care. I think it's a problem that so many people suffer from, and it's so hard to treat. I was misdiagnosed so many times. Steroids made it 100 times worse.
My skin is so sensitive. Makeup artists on shoots (mostly food network stuff) cannot use their products on me. Perioral dermatitis goes into remission and clears up by about 90% when the weather warms up. But in the cold winter months it gets really bad again. It is very painful and embarrassing.
Wearing a face mask has been a mixed blessing because it covers up my ugly rash, but it also exacerbates it trapping my moist breath. It has really affected my self esteem. I have to use a lot of concealer to hide it, and really only cover it up if I am going to have a photo taken. The rest of the time a mask is covering it or I'm just walking around my house with crusting weeping red painful bumps.
I'm so excited to have this relief. Bedrock Balm has been an absolute miracle so far. I'm excited to report that it's ALREADY improving in 2 days. Not all the way gone, but wow. Never seen this level of improvement this much this fast! It's a friggin' miracle.
You've made my year. No more pain, no more tears, no more having to explain to family, friends, coworkers, makeup artists is so huge. I will continue to update on my progress." - Barbarann
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Barbarann, thanks again for sharing your skin care story with us and including the before and after pictures below using Bedrock Balm. We're glad you found us and wish you the very best ❤
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