How to keep skin folds dry

When I read Judy's review below, I cried (and not just once). This review moved my heart because I can tell how much Judy has been through. After all the creams and lotions she bought to save her skin, we're glad she finally found our women's all over body deodorant.

If you need to keep skin folds dry, get Freshstick. Our natural deodorant without baking soda nourishes irritated skin. The zinc oxide wicks away moisture and provides barrier protection while plant extracts calm redness. 

"I am a cancer survivor, many surgeries, overweight and live in Florida. That combination means that my skin is very fragile with contact dermatitis at every scar and crease; add to that, sweat, and it results in painfully red patches in very private places. I have futilely searched for a solution for years. My oncologist suggested your Freshstick. Desperation made me try.

Within two hours the pain and redness were diminished. By day three, my skin looks completely healed and all the pain and itch is gone. This product has done what dermatologists and hundreds of dollars have not touched. To say I am convinced is understatement. Add to that, it is invisible and has a pleasant fragrance. The only downside is figuring out the applicator, a small price to pay.

Simple conclusion: Buy this to replace any deodorants, lotions, potions and creams you are currently using. It is worth it." - Judy

You can buy our cream for skin folds here.