How to make pores smaller

Tired of that same old pore strip? Trying to tackle large pores on nose? Our pore care products use zinc oxide for pimples so your complexion is healthy and glowing. If you have clogged pores on nose, keep reading.

Amy ordered our redness cream and blemish corrector. 

She wrote: "Just got Bedrock Balm and Porefector a week or so ago and love them. I put the Balm on my forehead for bumps (I think irritation from hair products) and on red spots on chin. 

I use Porefector on nose, side of nose and center of chin for large pores. I just put a thin layer of both products and leave it on overnight. Am I supposed to be massaging it in?

Also, I don’t have horrible skin but my skin looks so perfectly uniform in color when I wake that I don’t want to stop using every day. Is there any harm in using it every day, and over such a wide area of my face that I do? I’m thinking not but I want to be sure. Thanks to you for creating this amazing product and to Jaime French for introducing me to you!" - Amy

We replied to Amy and let her know that Bedrock skin barrier skincare is natural, non-toxic, cruelty-free and great to use every day and over large areas of the skin. Of course, if she has any concerns, she can bring our ingredient list to her doctor.

For best results, we recommend you massage Bedrock Balm or Porefector into the skin directly.

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