How to make your face smooth | cream for bumpy skin

Tabs was 12 weeks pregnant with twins when she sent us this message: "Normally my face would be so broken out but I started using Bedrock Balm every day before I found out I was pregnant, and I think it's preventing the breakouts! I'm also having little bouts of eczema pop up too and Bedrock instantly takes the itching away."

Bedrock Balm is the best face barrier cream. Our vegan zinc cream is plant based and packed with ingredients your skin will love - meadowfoam seed oil, organic jojoba seed oil, organic calendula flower, Vitamin E and tea tree leaf oil. Our skin smoothing cream protects your complexion so it can glow with radiance. 

We got another fun message from Tabs in July: "I got a weird rash or something. I kept trying to find it (I thought it was slivers) and then it spread. Bedrock and gone! I also had bumps on my Achilles that started to itch out of nowhere, I ran to get Bedrock Balm and I'm talking the INSTANT I put it on, the itch was gone. So weird, so crazy, mind blown, always going to tell you my stories, the end."

Love you Tabs! Don't ever stop with the skin care stories.

This picture below is Tabs from May to August using Bedrock Balm once per day. She's wearing mascara but nothing else. Normally, she said, "My face is so bad being pregnant but this has been smooth sailing with hormonal acne."

Tabs' tip to get smooth skin on face - wash your face and apply Bedrock Balm on your cheeks before bed. If her face feels dry, she'll put moisturizer on after Bedrock.

Make skin smoother with our cream for bumpy skin. Click here to see if Bedrock Balm can work for you, and use the code HELLOBEDROCK for 10% off your first order!

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