Hydration stick | announcing Glowstick!

For all of you who put the clues together, congrats. You guessed it.

Our new moisturizer isn’t a liquid lotion. It’s a solid moisturizer.

This is a THING.

When I began the zinc moisturizer journey, I struggled for months to find a unique point of view. I knew you already had a gazillion regular lotions. I knew that plastic packaging was a pain to our planet. I knew this product had to seriously multitask.

When I had the ah-ha moment, I knew Glowstick would fit perfectly into the Bedrock family as a hydration stick.

This mineral moisturizer is a solid moisturizer, a stick. It’s made for lips, face and body. It’s unscented. Made for sensitive skin. It has Vitamin E, rosehip and moringa seed oil for a deeply penetrating moisture that lasts all day long.

Our hydration stick is great on the go, at work, or the car.

Swipe dry hands, dry arms, dry ankles or dry lips.

You can buy our stick skincare next week. Hang tight. We’re getting pretty photos ready for you!

Glow on the go,

P.S. Start thinking of a friend who would love this. We’ll do a 2-fer special launch sale.