It happened at the skatepark.

The zinc deodorant Freshstick design we have is now limited edition (8 left in stock).

It was made by a fancy downtown designer and all was good until our anti redness cream Bedrock Balm and pore minimizer Porefector got jealous that Freshstick was compostable and they weren’t.

I couldn’t let one be plastic-free, so I promised they could all have paper push-ups.

That Freshstick label didn’t work for the little blemish cream Porefector tube. I needed something new. A design that would work for every tube.

My designer spent hours mocking up new designs but nothing clicked.

So I waited.

Weeks passed. Nothing.

It happened at the skatepark. I was walking laps while my son scootered. I had that moment. A design that worked for every single product came into my head.


I went home, mocked it up with magic markers, a designer made it official and our printer brought it to life.

I hope you love it as much as I do.

I’ll email you soon with the big reveal.

Good things take time,


P.S. All of the menial tasks you do? That time is pure gold. Tell your brain what problem it needs to solve and let your mind wander until you get a solution.