Anti redness cream before and after

Looking for a children's redness cream? Want proof?

We have photos of our anti redness cream before and after.

Jackie messaged us: "My 8 year-old daughter has very sensitive skin and she’s just started playing sports again, needing to wear a mask. She’s breaking out in a rash/maskne and I’m wondering if your products are preventative or if they can be used to treat this type of skin irritation. I’d appreciate your thoughts."

We recommended Bedrock Balm, our best face cream for redness, and after only one night using it, Jackie sent a DM with photos: "The Bedrock Balm came yesterday so I tried (very) little on my daughter's face last night. SO much improvement already, I'm so excited!"

Jackie, congrats on soothing your daughter's skin and thinking of Bedrock.

Check out her the anti redness cream before and after below.

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