Looking for cracked heel cream?

Wondering how to soothe your dry cracked heels?

Read this dry skin care tip from Kayla:

"I originally got Bedrock Balm to have for my son-tube irritation. Little did I know it would work wonders on the cracks I get on my feet. I have tried every lotion, oil, scrub, mask and bandaids to try and help. NOTHING worked.

The day my Bedrock Balm shipment came in I had this random deep slit on the pad of my big toe I could barley walk. I figured it couldn’t hurt to cover it in the balm with a sock on for the night. I woke up the next morning the redness was gone and it was already getting visibly smaller and healing. This Bedrock Balm is amazing! I have been telling everyone about the wonders it has done for my feet. I am excited to see how it works when an issue comes up with my sons gtube."

Kayla, we're super excited this worked for your cracked toe. Our natural barrier cream is the best cream for cracked heels because of the zinc oxide and nourishing botanical oils.

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