Lotion Stick Sold Out

That’s a wrap. 

Our last 8 hydration sticks just shipped out to the nurses at Harborview Hospital for Bedrock Gives Back. I love knowing they are on such good hands (ha).

Truthfully, I would have kept at least three for myself. I picked up one of those colds going around and have a red nose (like Rudolph) from nose blowing. I keep our solid lotion stick by me all day long.

But these are going to night nurses. No way I could keep a secret stash.

Heads-up: Glowstick won’t be back until next summer. 

We’re sending our formulation back to the lab for some tiny tweaks to make it even better. I’ll email you when they are back in stock.

I’ve got lots of great Bedrock gifting stories and will share those soon.

Holly & Jolly,



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