Maria and her irritated armpits

I can't make this stuff up.

Maria said:For the last 2.5 decades, I’ve tried countless deodorants in hopes of taming my irritated, stinky pits: clinical overnight formulas and natural feel-good balms. So after falling in love with Bedrock Balm, I figured I might as well book Freshstick for my next deodorant fling.

It was August, peak sweat/smell/tank season. My expectations were low per usual. Yet, within two days, I still had zero smell. And in a completely surprise twist, my chronically red rashy pits were no longer... red or rashy.

I tested the limits. I used Freshstick immediately after shaving (rash pit sufferers would never). ZERO irritation.

I was so deliriously intrigued that I almost took my armpits to Instagram Live #nofilterneeded. Instead (phew), I’m writing this love note: Freshstick, your unicorn magic has somehow erased my sweat/smell/rash trifecta. I will forever raise a glass to you, even while (especially while) wearing a tank.”

Summer heat can aggravate armpits but we know our deodorant for sensitive skin eczema can bring it.

Casey said: "Freshstick is the only one that doesn’t burn if applied after shaving and gives ZERO irritation."

Katie said: "I've had rashes and dry cracked skin under my arms since I started shaving, so bad that I could only shave once or twice a month. The doctor said that's just how your skin is and nothing can be done. Freshstick cleared it up. I could not believe it."

Regina said: "I was using a natural deodorant that randomly gave one of my armpits a rash that would flare up every time I put it on. I couldn't figure out why but after 4 days of putting on Freshstick, my rash is completely gone."

Ann said: "Having tried every natural deodorant and finding that they either cause a rash or wear off after a few hours, I wasn’t expecting much. Was I ever surprised. I love Freshstick deodorant. It doesn’t irritate my highly reactive skin."

If you have underarm irritation, chafing under arms, razor burn underarms or armpit irritation from deodorant, you need Freshstick. 

Our zinc deo is infused with zinc oxide and matcha green tea to calm and cool for your best summer ever.

Buy our best deodorant for underarm rash and we'll send it over. 

Up in arms,

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