Maskne cream: how to calm a red face

Are you wearing a face mask now - just to hide your complexion?

Julie can relate. She wrote: "I wear a mask 12+ hours a day. My face is...obliterated. I need to wear a mask just to hide now."

She got Bedrock Balm and emailed us: "I got Bedrock Balm over the weekend, and I started to use it. OMG! I have noticed a huge difference. Payday I am ordering a real jar of this stuff. I think I am going to have a face again … you are a miracle worker. I will have my face back in time for the new year. Thank you for this. Seriously."

Bedrock Balm is our anti redness solution that is gentle for sensitive or stressed skin. Our vegan barrier cream is packed with plant oils and zinc oxide so your skin stays safe and nourished. It's great for face bumps, blemishes, and redness on face.

Sara reviewed: "I have been struggling with maskne for months now due to having to wear a mask for 12-13 hour shifts at work. I felt like I was at a loss, tried so many washes, creams, and ointments and saw a dermatologist with no success! I received a message from Bedrock Balm and received a sample. The sample seemed to be working, so I said let’s give this a shot. I’m a few weeks in now using Bedrock Balm and I can’t even believe how much my skin has improved! If you are struggling like me....give this a shot."

If you are looking to figure out how to calm redness on face naturally, or how to calm down redness on face, or how to calm red cheeks, check out Bedrock Balm.

You can pick up a mini sample and try it out here.