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Is your complexion breaking out under a mask? Is your acne prone skin getting red and irritated under a face mask all day?

We can help. Bedrock Balm is our best cream for maskne with 22% zinc oxide to calm redness, bumps and chafing under face masks.

Sarah wrote: "I'm a speech-pathologist working in a rehabilitation hospital, and for the past 6 weeks or so, have been required to wear surgical masks at all times. As we begin to treat post-COVID patients, I am also having to wear much tighter fitting N95 masks for 1-2 hours a day. I've noticed the last 2-3 weeks my face has been breaking out with no relief. I have sensitive skin to begin with, and after doing some research, the masks can cause excess moisture to build up among other things that can lead to irritation/breakouts. Which Bedrock product should I buy?"

We recommend Bedrock Balm and suggested several ways to use it. First, she could apply a thin layer on her skin directly under the mask during the day. Second, she could use it before bed to help her skin rejuvenate overnight. Third, she could use it as a spot treatment on her problem areas under the mask during the day.

After Sarah bought Bedrock Balm, she followed up and said: "It took about two weeks but my skin has significantly calmed down and is heading in the direction of normal. Thanks again for your amazing product!!"

Bedrock Balm ships free in the USA. First-time customers can get $5 off with the code 'highfive.'

Order our best solution for maskne here and get your complexion glowing again.

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