Lacey finds best skincare for perioral dermatitis

Meet Lacey, born and raised in Minnesota. She's 35 years old but feels 25! She's a mom to Walker, five years old, who is her "why" for health and safer products. Both have eczema and she loves finding products that work for them (enter Bedrock). Most days, you'll find her in the kitchen cooking and baking. 

The winters in Minnesota are very cold and Lacey has Raynaud’s Disease. She was diagnosed at 10 years old. When she gets cold, her hands and feet turn purple and go numb. When she's hot, her hands turn red. It used to embarrass her. When she was younger, she would put foundation on her hands for dance pictures. Her mom always stocked up on hand warmers too. She's hoping to move to a warmer climate someday, but meantime, she loves Minnesota especially in the summer. The pool and lake are her happy places.

We caught up with Lacey to learn more about her.

What’s an easy thing you do to save 10 minutes a day?

Routines have always been super important to me. They make me feel calm. One of my favorite routines is to set out my son’s pajamas on his bed before dinner so he can hop into the bath as soon as dinner is over. I also love getting ready for bed before dinner. This helps the bedtime process go smoothly. These sounds so simple, but these simple routines have made a huge impact in my life and make for a more peaceful bedtime.

How did your passion for health and wellness begin?

I kind of fell into all things clean when I started dealing with some of my own digestive and health issues in 2009. My chiropractor introduced me to eating gluten free and dairy free. At the time, eating this way sounded very foreign and impossible, but it has improved my health so much. I started doing a lot of my own research about clean eating and re-taught myself how to cook all of my favorite meals and desserts. Now I don’t know how to cook any other way. It’s funny how that works!

In 2015, my son, Walker, was born. I had a rough pregnancy with him and experienced a lot of health issues. He is very healthy now, but the road to help him gain weight still makes me tear up.

When Walker was 6 months old, I started noticing eczema breakouts on his body. He was strictly breastfed, with a little supplemental formula in the beginning. I narrowed it down to a dairy reaction. His eczema got so bad one day after I ate something at a party that I thought was dairy free. His entire body was red. I tried coconut oil and that actually made his eczema worse. I went to doctor after doctor and they kept recommending steroid creams. I was so desperate at the time, so I applied it on his skin. Now I know better and don’t use steroid creams because they thin the skin and make the skin more susceptible to skin cancer. I did some more research and I discovered the healing power of zinc. I started using a zinc based soap I found on Amazon and a tallow based baby balm on his skin, along with a gluten free and dairy free diet and the flares went away. I wish Bedrock was around back then because it would have been my go-to. Now when Walker gets a flare-up (usually from sweat) I apply Bedrock Balm to his skin and I swear it’s gone in a day or two. This stuff is magical!

I also have to tell you how Bedrock Balm got rid of my perioral dermatitis. I developed flares starting in 2015 after Walker was born underneath and around my nose and mouth area. It was painful, red, itchy, and very embarrassing. My doctor prescribed steroid creams, which worked momentarily, but the flares always came back. I was already eating healthy and using clean products, so I was at a loss as to what to do. I saw Bedrock Balm on Instagram a little less than a year ago and I thought, what the heck, I should give this a try. It worked!!! Within a couple months of diligently applying it twice a day on the inflamed areas, the rashes completely went away. I’m so thankful!

All of this lead me to working with companies that go above and beyond when it comes to clean ingredients. I never thought I would have multiple businesses and partnerships with companies like Bedrock, Beautycounter, Primally Pure, Purium, and Branch Basics, but I have seen first hand the positive impact clean ingredients have had on my son and myself.

How do you hack running a successful business?

I am by no means perfect at this. My calendar is my best friend when it comes to planning. I prefer paper calendars and I like to write in pencil so I can erase if needed. I sit down on either a Saturday or Sunday and plan out what my week will look like. I send out my Clean Living Newsletter two to four times a month, so I make sure to set aside writing time and ideas to post on social media. My goal is to start block planning, where I set a timer and once it goes off, I’m done. As a mom, I have found mapping out my week is very helpful so I can be present with Walker and efficiently get my work done.

What’s your favorite Bedrock skin win?

I love how quickly all of Bedrock's products work. Don’t let the small containers fool you either. Bedrock Balm helps us with itchy skin, eczema, perioral dermatitis, rashes, cuts, scrapes, and mask irritation (hello 2020). Porefector is my go-to for blemishes or on spots where I’m prone to get them. I usually use it to prevent them from happening. Your zinc deodorant is the only deodorant I have ever used that heals razor burns overnight. I love that the scent is neutral and it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin.

How was your skin before Bedrock Balm? After?

I wish I had Bedrock Balm as a teenager. My skin is very sensitive. Prior to using Bedrock Balm, I would have random rashes flare-up on my body. Most were eczema/perioral dermatitis related. Bedrock Balm is literally the only product that has worked for me to heal and prevent more flare-ups from occurring. My perioral dermatitis on my face was a very frustrating skin issue, not to mention, very uncomfortable too. I would get so annoyed when people would say, “Oh, it looks like you have a bad cold” or “Why is the skin under your nose so red.” I kept my responses to myself, but my gosh, it was embarrassing. I can’t tell you how thankful I am for Bedrock Balm. The high amount of zinc is just what my skin needed. My son’s skin is so clear these days and I have a clean diet, healthy lifestyle, and Bedrock Balm to thank for that too!

I’m excited to share Bedrock with others. These products have helped me and my family in so many ways. My 5 year old son, Walker (pictured below), requests “zinc cream“ every night and every time he gets a bug bite or eczema flare. It’s so cute!

Lacey, thanks for sharing your story and being so honest. We're so thankful our zinc oxide barrier cream for adults (perioral dermatitis creme) has helped your skin.

Need skincare for perioral dermatitis? Don't use diaper rash cream for perioral dermatitis - use Bedrock Balm!

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