Newborn skin care | Meet the Bedrock twins!

Welcome to the new Bedrock twins! The mom of these new twins is a big Bedrock fan and loves our newborn cream and newborn skin care products, so we wanted to introduce you to Mavyn and Ozlyn.

Shortly after giving birth, Tabs reported she already used Bedrock Balm, our infant face cream.

Her DM said, "I already used Bedrock having the twins! When they took my IV out, it left a red bump that is hot to the touch. The picture is hard to tell because it was so dark, but the redness and swelling went right away." 

Tabs, congrats on your double bundle of joy and raising up those babies the Bedrock way.

As always, if you have any skin concerns, check with your doctor.

Click here for our anti redness cream, soothing for tiny bumps on newborn face, redness on newborn face, rash on babys cheeks or infant blotchy skin.

It's the best eczema cream for infants and anti itch cream for infants.

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