Cream for cradle cap on face

bedrock natural baby skincare vegan cradle cap stretch marks
Sure, we know Bedrock Balm works great for diaper redness and baby bumps, but Megan also reported using it as a stretch mark cream, moisturizer for cradle cap, cradle cap on face and itchy scalp cream! We call that Bedrocking your family.
Here is Megan's full review about Bedrock Balm: We absolutely LOVE Bedrock Balm. After I had my son, my skin became incredibly dry and it's helped a ton. I have also used it on stretch marks and am starting to notice a difference. My husband has used it on dry scalp and face and has noticed more of a difference in a few days than he has with other products after months of use. And my favorite part is that we can use it on our baby. It got rid of his cradle cap after a few days, diaper rash is easy to handle, and little cuts are gone! Love, love, love this product, it's one our favorites!
Bedrock Balm is the best cream for cradle cap because nourishing oils like Rosehip Seed Oil and Calendula moisturize the skin while zinc oxide purifies and refines excess build-up. Our cradle cap cream for babies is plant-based and cruelty-free, made in the USA so you have peace of mind. Bedrock ships free in the USA. Try it today!