Natural cream for eczema | YouTube video review

Need a simplified beauty routine during quarantine? Want a natural skin cream for eczema? Need the best barrier cream for dry flaky skin on face? 

Amanda Lee curates her very favorite things to keep a minimalist, easy look at home. Check out her YouTube video that includes a Bedrock eczema review:

We caught up with Amanda for a sneak peek behind the scenes:

How do you hack running a successful business?

I’m not sure if there is a hack exactly but finding something you are passionate about and giving it your all! I worked in the corporate world for many years and while I did well and learned a ton, it didn’t fulfill me. If there is something you like and can find a way to get paid doing it- go for it! All of the rest will fall into place once you are passionate about what you are doing.

How did you get started with YouTube?

This is actually a funny story. I grew up a really big tomboy, no interest in hair, makeup or clothes... none of it. Once I turned 19 I began modeling and they started doing my makeup so naturally I began getting into that sort of stuff. The way I taught myself was YouTube. Once I entered the corporate world after college, I would constantly get approached asking about my hair and makeup. At first, it became exhausting repeating the same things over and over. I figured- let me just make a video curling may hair and send it to anyone who asks me to save myself some time. It worked.

I always grew up creating and being involved in something artistically so when I got my 9-5 job, I lost that. YouTube became my creative outlet to play around and create but also provide value to those looking for tips on hair and makeup. It has only grown and evolved since 2015.

What’s the impact you want to leave?

I really just want to be able to provide value to as many people as I possibly can. Whether that is helping them bringing in an income, showing them a simple hack for doing their makeup, making them fall in love with their hair again or anything to make a woman feel beautiful. I think that is something we are all deserving of!

Biggest beauty botch?

I’d say my eyebrows in 2006 looked like McDonalds arches😂

Best thing that’s yet to come?

The growth that I am seeing with my business and YouTube channel really excites me. I know that I am impacting lives and the more I grow- the more lives I can help change!

What’s your favorite Bedrock skin win?

I suffer with Eczema and can get it randomly on different parts of my skin. I’m from Florida so don’t have to worry about the dry climate as much but when visiting my parents in Michigan this year- the cold dry climate really got to me. I had breakouts all over my stomach that were painful and itchy. After only a few days of using Bedrock Balm, it cleared up!

How was your skin like before Bedrock Balm? After?

I get flair ups randomly on different parts of my body. So having this as a spot treatment has been such a blessing. My skin before would have to clear up on its own. Now I can pair this with my favorite oil and the dry patches are gone in a few days. 

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