Zinc first aid cream

Need pure zinc oxide cream for cuts and scrapes? Our zinc first aid cream will soothe redness quickly so you're ready for the next adventure.

Yasmine used our ointment for scraped skin: "My son just wiped out on a mountain bike ride and skinned his elbow badly. I slathered it with Bedrock Balm, covered it, the next morning it was 95% better with no pain. I have used it on mosquito bites, cold sores and burns. Thank you, Bedrock, for this amazing product."

Deanna also used our skin abrasion ointment: "I scraped my forearms climbing on some very sharp rock. They were both torn with cuts and scrapes, so I decided to put the balm on one arm and not the other. After two nights I cannot believe the difference! The arm with the balm has healed so much more. Will definitely buy again, and share it with friends and family."
Bedrock Balm has zinc oxide for cuts. This gentle ointment for scratches on skin calms redness and provides essential oil nutrients. Our vegan skin care formula includes rosehip seed oil, organic jojoba seed oil, organic olive fruit oil, Vitamin E and Roman chamomile flower oil.
Use Bedrock Balm for cuts and scrapes, scraped knees, paper cuts, redness around mouth, and irritated skin on face.
Our zinc ointment for cuts even comes in mini samplers for $5. See what our redness cream can do for your scraped skin today. 


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