Need more nominations!

Imagine walking into your favorite vet clinic, youth group or senior center. You are smiling.

You have a secret.

You are holding a box.

They say hi, what are you doing here?

You launch into your love story. You tell them why you appreciate them. How they make a difference in your life, or in your family life. Then you tell them you nominated them to Bedrock Gives Back and they were selected.

They are a winner.

They get free skincare.

You are not human any longer, you are a shimmering angel, a glowing holiday elf sharing goodness and joy.

You shower them with goodness (free skin barrier products).

They stand in awe.

You leave.

You sleep in peace.

You did good.

Be the merry.

Last chance for Bedrock Gives Back nominations is 11/11/22.

Email and tell us why your group deserves free Bedrock, and what product you want them to get. We'll select several and send you a box to hand out and present to them.

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