Non drying spot treatment

She wants to put Bedrock on her tombstone?! We are cracking up from this pores cream review, written by Katie.

Katie includes so many helpful tips and tricks using our blemish corrector. Porefector is our zinc oxide cream for pimples, one of the best pore minimizing products for oily skin that evens skin tone and helps minimize the appearance of pores. 

"I’ve struggled with acne since I was a kid - resulting in uneven skin tone, scarring, dryness- you name it. I never felt like any specific product was genuinely HELPING! Cleaners, serums, toners, topical creams- they all seemed to be working against each other and my face was caught in the middle. I saw one of the influencers I follow on Facebook mention that this was one of her favorite secrets for her skin, and when I realized it was a) WAY affordable, 2)clean, natural ingredients I could pronounce 3)small, select product list, I figured I’d give it a shot because, what the heck, nothing else works so why not.

When I tell you this the Porefector is changing my LIFE I am not exaggerating! I slathered in on the first night and woke up the next morning looking like I skipped makeup for a week and had a facial.

What I love: you can’t put too much on. I’ve been using it in the morning before my moisturizer and at night after I wash my face. I put it on specific problem areas at random times during the day and it doesn’t clog pores or dry out skin- it actually keeps mine MORE hydrated. Usually any acne medication causes my skin/makeup to look cracked and flakey after a few hours - not only do I need to wear significantly less foundation/concealer since using this product, but all the problem spots are massively improving and never look dried out or irritated. It doesn’t feel thick or sticky, and a little goes a long way. This little pot will last me months despite covering over half my face every night. 

I am very conscious of the ingredients in my skin care products, and this EXCEEDS expectations. Every single item blended into this magic skin crack is natural and free of all the junk you find in just about every other product out there. It was an absolute STEAL for the price.... I would pay quadruple the money for such an incredible and effective product. I will never, ever be caught without the Porefector again in my life. 
This brand is the closest thing to a miracle I’ve found during my decade long journey to good skin.
I may even have “Bedrock” engraved on my tombstone. People, just do it. Trust me."
Buy our anti blemish cream here. Thanks Katie for sharing your story!