Our best holiday gift ideas

Bedrock lives to make your life easy, so we created a fake family to help you visualize gift ideas and make your holidays more merry.

Here we go.

Uncle Oscar is a mechanic and you notice his hands are always red and cracked. We recommend Bedrock Balm to soothe and protect.

Grandpa Gerald is juicing now and quit carbs. You know antiperspirant is the next to go. Bring on the Freshstick.

Little Ryder is only 6 but seems to be an adrenaline junkie. Tree jumping and bike crashes have him covered in owies. Time for Bedrock Balm before bed. 

Mama Rover is a NICU nurse. PPE has her face furious. We recommend Bedrock Balm for barrier protection under her mask.

Aunt Midge complains about arm bumps and chicken skin. Skip her health history saga and opt for Bedrock Balm.

Niece Nicki just turned 12 and you caught a little body odor the last time you saw her. She deserves a Freshstick of her very own.

Sister Blake has the best cat eye technique. She’d love Porefector, a blemish corrector that doubles as make-up primer.

Cousin Phoebe just had a baby and you heard hemorrhoids got involved. Go Bedrock Balm and hope she reads the “try it on” list.

Nephew Otto has a great quarantine beard but blemishes keep sprouting up. Get him Porefector to keep those pores in check.

If you have good ideas of your own, send them over! Always happy to feature your family gift ideas on instagram.

Merry Merry,


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