Overnight deodorant

Cole runs a landscaping business in Seattle and told me that he uses antiperspirant during the day but our zinc deodorant at night after his shower.

This seems to be a thing.

I remember carpool Jen telling me this too. She prefers to shower at night instead of the morning, and prefers putting on deodorant before bed to keep her fresh. She loves Freshstick to keep that shower fresh feeling all night long.

Freshstick is our overnight deodorant. It has a super subtle scent that it works for anyone. It’s got plenty of zinc to keep odor neutralized, and matcha green tea to calm irritation.

Wearing deodorant to bed? If you’re looking to use natural deodorant at night, and stay fresh without aluminum or baking soda, we recommend Freshstick. 

P.S. Shaving at night? Freshstick actually calms redness and razor burn instead of irritating it.

P.P.S. If you haven’t tried Freshstick before, this $15 deo goes a long way. Customers report it can last up to six months.


wearing deodorant to bed freshstick overnight deodorant