Overnight skincare

We didn’t know our zinc barrier cream Bedrock Balm could cause accidents until Laura told us this:

“I put the Balm on my feet one night because they were so dry, I could not sleep. I was too heavy handed with the application and got up later to use the loo. My son had just taken a shower so the floor was wet. I went sliding on the floor from the Balm on damp linoleum, and slid into the toilet, and bruised my knee. Nice thing is I didn’t have to walk to the loo, I simply skated” 🤣😂

How do you Bedrock before bed?

Besides getting feet softer overnight, have you tried using Bedrock Balm as a sleeping mask or night cream for dry skin?

If your complexion is tired, try or showing redness, let our overnight skincare help you. Bedrock Balm is our best night cream for glowing skin. It's also formulated to be a night cream for sensitive skin.

P.S. In other skin irritation news, Angie recently told us: I received FOUR yellow jacket stings when we came upon an unknown nest next to our barn. I used your redness cream to calm my irritated/sensitive skin from their vicious venom! 

P.P.S. From Marcy: I just suffered through 2 weeks of the flu--despite ALL my good habits. Your lotion stick helped my poor chafed nose and lips that were red and raw. It has helped me heal so much, as I am finally on the mend and not blowing my nose quite as much.