Pore concealer primer cream | YouTube video review

Who's ready for a new productive morning routine? Nikki shows you a slice of her daily life (love the lemon apple cider water every morning) on YouTube with a spotlight on Porefector, our vegan blemish spot corrector (min 6:50). We made Porefector primarily to dry up blemishes, but Nikki loves to use it as an instant pore concealer primer cream. It's a double win when you use it for both!

Here's a little bit more about Nikki.

How did you get started with YouTube?

I have always had a passion to connect with others and create content, so it just made sense that YouTube is what I fell into. When I was younger, I would make videos everyday; spending hours and hours editing them. My friends and family always loved to watch them and it fulfilled me so much, so years later I went on to post my content to the internet. That’s when people I didn’t even know started reaching out, telling me how much I helped them, and the love in my heart I got from those messages is what kept me doing it. 

What’s the impact you want to leave?

I want to change the world as much as I can by instilling more compassion. I want to encourage people to love themselves more and to reflect that love on the life around them. I strive to be a positive light in the lives of others and hope my content serves as inspiration for my viewers to do the same. 

Biggest thing yet to come?

There is SO MUCH yet to come, so much greatness and love and excitement. Some of the very best days of our lives haven’t even happened yet. ✨

What’s your fav Bedrock skin win?

My minimized & airbrushed pores! I have had visible pores on my nose for as long as I can remember, but using the Porefector has been AMAZING in diminishing them. I’m so grateful. 

What’s your best Bedrock tip?

Less is more! The best beauty routine is your skin care routine. When you emphasize that, you’ll be able to wear less makeup and let more of your natural glow shine through. 

To find more of Nikki, swing over to Instagram @nikkiclarrk or her YouTube channel here.

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