Quick thinking: Mom uses Bedrock cream for red spots

"Yesterday morning, my 2 1/2 year old son broke out in full body hives from something he ate, which has never happened before. We tried everything from Benadryl, epsom salt bath, coconut oil with lavender essential oils. Nothing would make it go away! It was spreading and seemed to stay the same if not a little worse. I was actually getting very worried. He was super itchy all over.

I decided to go to the store and get nettle leaf and lemon balm tea, as well as a homeopathic remedy. I gave him that, and put the Bedrock Balm anti redness cream sample all over his little body. Within a few hours, his hives had SIGNIFICANTLY improved. He stopped itching. This product is like magic! Getting this sample turned out to be a huge blessing at the right moment." -- Megan

Megan, quick thinking on your part and we are so thankful that Bedrock was there right when you needed it. Always contact your doctor first thing for anything medically related. Good on you for connecting the redness with what Bedrock can do❤   

before and after picture of Megan's son

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