Redness and flaky skin on face

Looking for the best men's skin care products 2020? Our skin saver barrier lotion is exactly what you need for redness. 

Richard's five star skincare review said: "I’m blaming the high amount of zinc oxide in these products but Bedrock Balm and Porefector have been the only two products that have got rid of my red and dry skin on my face. I’ve tried every product you can think of. The formula is very thick so you get a great amount of product in the container. I like to use a carrier oil to make the consistency of Bedrock Balm a little more fluid. I’m so happy I randomly came across this company."

Richard was right to blame all that zinc oxide, along with all of our rich, nutrient-dense botanicals on getting his skin soft and smooth again. 

With 30% zinc oxide, our zinc oxide cream for acne prone skin Porefector formula improves tone and texture so your complexion looks clean and confident. Contains organic borage seed oil, tamanu oil, moringa seed oil, and clary sage to soothe redness and minimize imperfections without stripping or drying your skin.

We provide a basic skincare routine for men. Check out our best men's skin care routine 2020 here. 

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