Shingles Cream | Best lotion for shingles

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Big shout-out to Michelle for giving Bedrock a shot after trying so many things, looking for the best shingles cream, and sharing her story below.

“I don't know where to start. I have had multiple episodes of shingles on my face for the past few years. I am on daily medication to lessen the episodes but it is hard on my system and I still get them anyway. I am too young for the vaccination, so I have few options. The lesions last 2-3 weeks and are right between my nose and lips. Super itchy, red, swollen, painful and all-in-all GROSS looking. I usually miss a few days of work and it's quite embarrassing to see.

After watching Jaime French rave about your product a couple of months ago, I thought - what the hell, what's another thing to try?! Unfortunately, I had my latest shingle outbreak on Saturday. I started using Bedrock Balm right away and basically reapplied it every few hours. Today is Monday and it is practically gone. It has helped tremendously with the itching, redness and drying the blisters.

While shingles are still a part of my life (and I also had chickenpox 3 times, so...) Bedrock Balm has completely shortened its lifespan and I'm not embarrassed to be seen in public. I will be telling all my friends about your miracle product - who knows what else it can help.” -- Michelle

Michelle, we're so thankful that our extreme barrier cream helped you. If you need zinc cream for shingles, shop Bedrock Balm.