Redness on chest

We love this story from Dr. Murl, who wrote a review on how to get rid of redness on chest.

Pay attention as there are great application tips included!

"I am an older physician who has been practicing for more than 50 years. I developed a rash on my chest more than 18 months ago that persisted. I saw my dermatologist twice to discuss it, and she prescribed several strong topicals, which made the rash worse. I also tried several "old reliable" OTC topicals that didn't work. Bedrock Balm finally did the trick.

It took more than a month of careful, twice-daily application, along with daily cleansing with mild soap and water, but the redness has disappeared. The "bumpy" aspect of the rash persists, but I'm hopeful it will disappear over time. I plan to continue using Bedrock Balm as long as is necessary. I am grateful for this effective product, and grateful to the folks who developed it. THANK YOU."

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