Children's skincare | YouTube video review

We are cracking up. Abigail has the best quote we've heard about Bedrock Balm (our redness cream) so far. She said, "Bedrock Balm is like Frank's hot sauce. You can use this $#%& on anything."

Abigail's vlog on YouTube gives us a glimpse into her life with her little one, their new hamster and her new skincare routine with Bedrock Balm. You can tell she gets what Bedrock can do: she's uses Bedrock to help calm redness, soothe scratches, cool eczema, razor burn, and help hydrate dry skin. 

How have you been using Bedrock Balm lately?

"COVID-19 quarantine hasn’t been super interesting so one night I vlogged dying my own hair. I messed it up but also burned my fingers with the hair dye and the only thing that helped heal them was Bedrock Balm! Super grateful for it. It smells so good that my daughter asks to use it on all her boo boos and it helps with any redness that might of came to the spot."

How did you get started with YouTube?

"I’ve been doing YouTube for around 8 years, being consistent and involved has been the most important thing. Being honest is something I carry huge pride on, which is why sharing my thoughts about Bedrock, felt only right because it goes with my beliefs cruelty free and as natural as possible. The Balm has quickly become a stable in my beauty routine, thank you for making such a great product that has many uses and is a great price."

You can find Abigail on @abigailsanta or subscribe to her YouTube here.

Looking for other ways to use Bedrock Balm? Try it for red blotchy skin on face, red scars on face, thigh chafing rash, rough skin on face, extremely dry hands, or dry itchy feet.

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