Skin ointment for dogs

We officially make zinc skincare for humans, but our anti redness cream is so effective, customers are using for their dogs!

We don't have a vet on staff at our mineral skincare brand (wink), so you'll want to consult with yours if you have any questions.

Jacquie sent us this note with pictures of her pup. She needed the best healing cream for dogs, so she used Bedrock Balm as a dog cream. We're so impressed with results.

Jacquie wrote: "My dog scraped the end of his nose. I wanted something to soothe and heal it that I could be sure he could safely lick. I went for the Bedrock Balm! Here are three photos. 1) The scrape 2 )Showing the white Bedrock Balm on his nose  3) Four days later. I just LOVE this stuff!!! Happy customer."

Need a zinc oxide cream for dogs? Ask your vet about Bedrock Balm, our redness cream. You can find all the ingredients of our natural zinc cream here.


dog with scrape on nose


zinc cream for dogs bedrock balm applied on nose


zinc oxide cream for dogs bedrock balm