Bethany tries our skin smoothing cream

If you love this Bedrock photography, all credit goes to Bethany. She's a wife, mama, photographer, writer, and wearer of all the hats. She started blogging back in 2011 with the desire to inspire others, and her passion to inspire hasn't stopped since.

We had to know more about her parenting hacks, beautiful photography and exactly how she puts Bedrock to work to keep her family's skin smooth.

What’s an easy thing you do to save 10 minutes a day?

Bethany: I always put things back where they go. If it takes a couple of extra steps to walk to the shelf, I do it. It sure beats having to put away a whole bunch of things later because I didn't do it in the first place. Also, at the end of each day I set the timer on Alexa for 5 minutes and do a quick de-clutter of the house, which mostly consists of putting things back where they go.

How did you get started with photography?

Bethany: I think my love for Instagram helped me discover my love for photography. We were always taking photos, especially once my husband and I started our family. I wanted to learn how to take better photos and also finally take my camera out of auto-mode. I started searching on YouTube for any tools, lessons, and how to videos to learn more. That turned into taking a few free webinars and then taking the leap in starting my photography business, LaVidaVera Photo. 

What’s your superpower?

Bethany: I can look at most situations and make them better. I love to help and find myself offering my help to others a lot. And sometimes whether they ask for it or not. It might be the enneagram 2 in me but I've always been like that, a helper!

Best thing that’s yet to come?

Bethany: My husband and I are dreaming up our own Ranch. I never thought I would ever want to live in the country or let alone have animals but we've been dreaming about building something great for our family. Our son Jax would like moo moo cows and I would love a big ol' porch with rocking chairs overlooking the sunset and of course the closet of my dreams. Fabian would love a big workshop to keep his trucks and work equipment and a big backyard with a pool to share with all of our family. 

What’s your fav Bedrock skin win?

Bethany: Switching to your zinc based deodorant! After having babies the PH balance was all sorts of whacko in my armpits and switching to a natural deodorant had me a little nervous but after 2 days my body balanced itself out and Fresh Stick was my new go-to! 

How was your skin like before Bedrock Balm? After?

Bethany: My son Jax had these pesky little bumps on the back of his arms when he was an infant. I got a sample of your skin smoothing cream Bedrock Balm and applied a little on his arms each evening. Within days the bumps were significantly less noticeable and within 2 weeks were completely gone! 

Thank you Bethany for sharing your best tips and tricks. You can follow Bethany's life on Instagram here or visit La Vida Vera's website here.

If your kids need cream for bumpy skin, grab Bedrock Balm.

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