Skin tip to soothe cesarean scar

Kari put our deodorant for sensitive skin to the test - and not just her underarms. She used Freshstick on her c-section scar and found it worked like a charm as a real barrier cream too.

Freshstick, our all-purpose deodorant without aluminium, features rich botanicals like rosehip seed oil, jojoba oil, German Chamomile essential oil, tulsi and basil extracts. It's nourishing and gets your underarms healthy.

Freshstick is the best natural deodorant for sensitive skin because there aren't any irritants like baking soda, salts or artificial fragrances. Our clean deodorant formula is cruelty-free and comes in eco friendly packaging. It's multipurpose so you can use it like Kari did to soothe sensitive, irritated skin.

Read Kari's tip below and shop here to buy our sensitive deodorant Freshstick.

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