Skincare Survey Results

Thanks for all your input and telling us what to do in 2022.

Here are the Bedrock skincare survey results:

What type of Bedrock Balm will you buy next?
Stick 40%
Jar 28%
Big Balm 31%

Should Freshstick be smaller and cost less?
Keep as is 62% 
Smaller and less $ - 38%

How much should the new moisturizer cost?
$22-$23 - 52%
$24-$25 - 13%
$20-$21 - 33%

After the moisturizer, what zinc product do you want next?

  • 30% of the comments said Sunscreen 
  • 20% of the comments said Chap stick/lip balm
  • Hair care?!
  • I wish I knew but whatever you come up with next I’m buying!
  • Is there a version of the balm you could make that wouldn't leave the white cast of the zinc?
  • hand cream or cuticle cream?
  • Not a new product, but would love Porefector stick as well
  • Eye area focus
  • Good hand cream
  • What about a lotion? I get razor burn on my thighs and I’m using the balm stick but I’m thinking something more runnier/liquid lotion type thing.
  • Facial moisturizer only
  • Bar soap
  • Facial mist or facial cleanser
  • I would love a Bedrock with no tea tree oil!
  • face mask, bedrock ointment
  • foot cream
  • I would like to see a body butter or spreadable product for heels (blisters, dry skin) and elbows. I love the fresh stick too. I find I use it alot and would love a larger size.
What's your latest skin win from a Bedrock product?
  • Clear skin!
  • Bedrock Balm on a pretty nasty scrape. It still hurt, but it didn't bruise as bad!
  • Porefector - shrinks blemishes overnight. Love it.
  • Skin is calmer
  • Balm helped heal some scratches
  • bedrock is helping me transform my darkened, dry elbows
  • Love Freshstick! It doesn’t make me itchy!!
  • Porefector rocks for teenage skin and pre-menopausal breakouts
  • Continuing to help my HS.
  • Bedrock balm on my sore nose from being sick!
  • Cleared pregnancy breakouts
  • Love the soft under arms
  • Maskne
  • Skin balm helping with mask irritation around lips
  • I use bedrock to prevent/ease mask abrasion on a sensitive nose!
  • Less under boob acne
  • Redness - no makeup needed!
  • Poredector clears up blemishes overnight every time!!
  • Stick for eczema!
  • Evening out skin tone
  • Pubic skin discoloration resolution
  • The Balm was my best friend through a 2-week cold I battled!
  • Used on eczema rashes on my kids
  • Less irritation under bra
  • No underarm bumps
  • Applied to a burn
  • I’ve been using it on my son’s eczema spots and noticing a difference’
  • I HAVE A BAD KELOID RIGHT NOW from an ear piercing that actually had me take out the piercing. I tried tea tree oil and that didn’t work so I thought BALM!!! Put it on last night and it’s actually been helping a lot. Not so hot and irritated!
  • Some kind of rash that pops up from hormonal shifts; nothing else can touch it but Bedrock completely takes care of it in a day!
  • Right before the holidays, I broke out in a rash from anxiety (work stress-ugh!). The balm cleared it to, so I was able to avoid getting a steroid cream prescribed by my doctor, woohoo!
  • Chapped hands
  • Using Bedrock Balm to heal my kitchen burn.
  • Reduced razor burn
  • Helped a nasty zit heal
  • Balm - helped me recover from shingles!!
  • Healing my skin from the dry winter temps
  • Cleared up underarm rash
  • No itching
  • Calming redness and irritation from wearing N95s all day as a nurse
  • Fixed my keratosis pilaris with Bedrock Balm!
  • Bedrock Balm has helped calmed the redness in my skin and I don’t have to conceal as much. I have used it for a big bruise (worked amazingly), dry cuticles, and my daughters eczema. The Porefector has helped with blemishes and ingrown hairs. The Freshstick is amazing too!! I use it for underarms, and all areas that moisture happens! It also works wonders for where my purse rubs on my shoulder.
  • I have not had a break out since I started using the balm!
  • Acne moisturizer from wearing masks!
  • Healing noses from colds. My daughter had a mysterious rash pop up all over her chest and bedrock quickly got rid of the bumps and itchiness.
  • The balm, used on my nail bed area, really helps with cracking, dry skin.
  • Razor bump relief
  • Love the fresh stick
  • Just love porefector for my teenage sons skin!
  • chapped skin on face
Are you interested in:
Texts with skin tips or encouragement 32%
Monthly or bi-monthly Subscription 14%
Gifting message + option at checkout 28%
More zinc oxide research 25%

Any other input or ideas?!
  • Yes! I would love like a small-batch run of a canvas bag or baseball cap with bedrock logo, maybe a cute saying? I’d use and wear it proudly! I’d love for it to be promotional too, like buy two bedrocks get a bag or you get a discounted merch item with bedrock purchase?
  • Create a strong sunscreen to prevent redness
  • I wish Freshstick had better packaging, I only use a quarter and it gets hard
  • Fine lines and wrinkles would be my next but your products also seem to be helpful with tone and texture. Can’t wait to see what else you come up with!
  • Heavy metal testing (I know this is a big thing to ask, but it’s so important!)
  • I suggest keeping the glass. I know you wanted to be eco-friendly but glass can be recycled. And it keeps the products from drying out. I had to toss the stick b/c it kept drying out at the top. And even the sides were drying which tell me the cardboard must be leaching moisture from the stick. I wish the fresh stick had better packaging can only use 1/4 of stick before it get hard.

Thanks for the awesome input. Excited for what 2022 will bring.

Owner | Bedrock