Skincare That Gives Back

We just wrapped the most wonderful time of the year - Bedrock Gives Back.

Thanks to Wendy for sharing this story. We're thrilled to honor her nomination and send this team Bedrock Balm, our barrier skincare.

“I would love to nominate my small bowel transplant team at Georgetown University Hospital for some free Bedrock. The amazing medical team not only saved my life, but they selflessly do it for many other people time and again with no recognition.

As a recipient of a transplant, I can tell you that my team put hours into my pre and post transplant care. A small bowel transplant is one of the rarest transplants done anywhere in the world, there are less than 100 done in the United States every year. 

Because they are so complicated, my medical team has to make sacrifices of their own lives and times that I am beyond grateful for. They put their own lives on hold. I remember waking up in the middle of the night many times to find my surgeon Dr. Cal in the room just making sure that I was ok.

My transplant gastroenterologist is one of the most brilliant doctors I’ve ever met, and her care and compassion over this eight year journey have gotten me through incredibly hard times. My post-transplant provider, Lauren, has seen me through some of my hardest hours and still is an incredible advocate and cheerleader. The dietitian is the one who has taught me to eat again after four years of not eating, and I could go on and on.

I would love to give them barrier cream for their hands which go constantly in latex gloves and hand sanitizer and Glowstick to keep them moisturized.”

You got it Wendy! Your wish is our command.

Photo below: Wendy's healthcare team.

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