Paper versus plastic: sustainable skincare packaging

Spoiler alert: Freshstick, our mineral deodorant stick, is coming your way.

Before we celebrate, I have a tough decision and need your help.

We need to choose which container the deodorant comes in. The picture recaps the options: plastic or paper. 

Paper is renewable, biodegradable, and recyclable. The plastic isn’t. I don’t want a pit cream or spray, so no glass jars. 

Other vegan deodorant brands have used the deodorant paper tubes and I’ve read a lot of negative reviews about pushing the product out, it getting stuck, etc. I don’t want to lose repeat orders because the container is awkward!

The plastic option is going to be easier to use. It also feels more substantial, even though the net weight in each container is about the same.

What's more important to you? Our plant based deodorant needs the perfect package. What are you willing to pay more for? Email and let us know.